Peru, Nebraska (HD Video)

PromPeru travels to Peru, Nebraska with Peruvian Celebrities to show it’s citizens the meaning behind being Peruvian.

English Subtitles provided by Karikuy Tours, come explore Peru, Land of the Incas.

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On the eve of Peruvian Independence, we remember the documentary “Peru Nebraska“, by the Peru Brand, which was released just over 10 years ago. Under a different context today, the audiovisual piece continues to excite thousands of Peruvians around the world.

In 2011, the Peru Brand found a way to take Peru further. This is how “Peru Nebraska” was born, a documentary filmed in a town that was named after our country in Nebraska, United States. The initiative was for US citizens to feel as Peruvian as we do.

In this way, Carlos Alcántara, Magaly Solier, Dina Paucar and more Peruvian personalities prepared their suitcases to travel to the small town “Peru”, in the US Upon arrival, they offered knowledge of Peru and the customs that characterize us, from the meals even the music.

Peru Nebraska

The North Americans dared to try the typical dishes of our country, they danced to the music and surfed the waves (although very different from those of the national beaches). The documentary “Peru Nebraska” caused a growth in the feeling of Peruvians, moving many Peruvians to tears.

A Look back at Peru Nebraska during the Pandemic

In times of pandemic, without the possibility of a regular celebration of the National Holidays, many Peruvians take refuge in this good memory of the Peruvian ambassadors who brought national wealth to a place that had fallen in the forgotten years of United States history. . After that experience, the villagers of Peru, in Nebraska, felt as Peruvian as we do.

With more than 2 million views on YouTube, the 15-minute documentary by Marca Perú continues to be present to this day despite the fact that almost a decade has passed since its premiere.

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