Lima Peru Protests

Understanding The Lima Peru Protests: The Shocking Uprising and Its Impact

Amidst political turmoil, tens of thousands in Lima, Peru, demand change, echoing deep-seated frustrations with government policies and corruption. As the nation grapples with the...
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11 Day Peru Itinerary

Is Peru Open? 7 Important Travel Questions Answered

With the pandemic coming to an end and countries reopening for travel, we answer your most urgent questions starting with is Peru open for travel?...
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The NAFTA Problem: Will Obama Ignore Peru?

While many Americans were caught up in the media frenzy that was the Presidential Campaign of Barack Obama, only a few were really paying attention...
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Perupedia logo - Peru Information and facts

Perupedia: Expert Peru Information and Amazing Facts

Discover Perupedia, the ultimate Peru guide that goes beyond Wikipedia. From travel tips to current news, we're building a comprehensive Peru database. Want to contribute?...
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