Help Peru & Get Involved!

Our Way of Giving Back to the Local Community

Disaster Relief

Apart from our Humanitarian Program, Karikuy Tours also provides aid during difficult times such as Natural Disasters. We recently provided much need aid to the victims of local flooding outside of Lima. Help Peru during national emergencies, please consider donating or participating in our volunteer program.


Give Back When Possible

Karikuy is blessed to be in business for over a decade, we want to give back whenever possible. We set aside earnings to be able to provide some relief for those who need it in our community.

Aid to Those Who Need it Most

Our most recent Aid Mission distributed essential goods to over 50 families in Carapongo. Just outside of Lima, Carapongo was heavily affected by flash flooding, leaving many homeless. We were able to provide around a weeks worth of rations to those in need.

Help Peru Children

Help Peru Children

Did you know that every year hundreds of children in Peru die due to the extreme temperatures in the Andean Highlands? Decreasing temperatures in the winter months sparked by climate change have made an already difficult place to live almost inhospitable. Those most at risk are the children of the highlands who with little access to healthcare are left to try to survive these harsh conditions. 

Help Peru by bringing warm clothing and most importantly awareness and hope to the Andean Children of the Highlands.

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