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Lima Foodie Tour

Lima Foodie Tour – Full Day

7-8 Hours
Lima, Peru
Lima Market Tour

Lima Market Tour – Half Day

3 1/2 horas
Lima, Peru
Lima Historical Tour

Lima Historical Tour – Full Day

8 Hours
Lima, Peru
Lima Cooking Class

Lima Cooking Class – Half Day

4 1/2 Approx
Lima, Peru
Magic Water Circuit

Magic Water Circuit – Half Day

2 1/2 Hours
Lima, Peru
Lima Highlights Tour

Lima Highlights Tour – Half Day

4 Hours
Lima, Peru
Pachacamac Tour

Pachacamac Tour – Half Day

3 1/2 Hours
Lima, Peru
Lima Full Day Tour

Lima Full Day Tour – Full Day

8 Hours
Lima, Peru
Larco Museum Tour

Larco Museum Tour + City Tour – Full Day

6-7 hours
Lima, Peru
Lima Dinner Show

Lima Dinner Show – Half Day Tour

3 Hours
Lima, Peru

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Lima Tours

Lima can often be overlooked due to its reputation over the last 40 years. However this thriving metropolis has has grown and matured in the last decade due to investments in modernization. It’s new reputation is as the gastronomical capital of South America, and there is so much to explore.

We recommend to at least book one full day in Lima to explore the Colonial centre of the city as well as its more modern districts. We offer a variety of Lima Tours and Foodie Tours to introduce you to the City of Kings.

When should I visit? is a common question we get asked. Lima is a very temperate city which is why the Conquistadores chose it as it’s capital. The temperature stays from 65 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit year round. Lima’s Summer is from December to March for the best sunny weather. It can often be overcast and humid during the winter.

Peruvians love food, and the diversity of our ancestors create a pallet of flavors that is uniquely ours. We recommend learning about Peru’s culinary marvels before traveling so you know exactly what to order at the local restaurants. A great book to learn about Peruvian Dishes is The Fire of Peru: Recipes and Stories from My Peruvian Kitchen, give it a read and thank us later.

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