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We are all unique with different tastes, comfort levels and energy. No two travelers are ever exactly alike which is why we have a team of experts to assist you in planning a trip to Peru. Below is a simple form that helps our team create a vacation based on your schedule, interests, and budget. Take the stress out of planning a trip to Peru and let us show you the best of what Peru has to offer.

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    Planning A Trip to Peru

    Tips for Planning a Trip to Peru

    Things you Need to Know when Planning a Trip to Peru

    Choose Time of Year

    High and Low Season – When planning a trip to Peru, the time of year you choose to visit is important. The best time to visit the Andes (Cusco, Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca) is generally from Late April to Late October, this is when the weather is dry and sunny days are optimal for seeing the beautiful scenery. Low Season would then run from November to March when it is actually the best time to visit coastal Peru (Lima, Ica, Nazca, Mancora) where it’s the summer.

    Book in Advance

    The Inca Trail is one of the worlds most popular Treks and should be reserved at least 6 months in advance. Due to recent regulations due to the pandemic it is also recommended to reserve your Machu Picchu admissions at least a month or more in advance.

    Machu Picchu admissions are also now more limited then ever and advance purchase for the Machu Picchu General admissions sells out 30 days or more in advance. Read our guide on purchasing Machu Picchu tickets for more information.

    Traveling to Peru

    If Traveling with Children please consider conventional tours over treks due to the level of endurance that is required. We normally recommend treks for children 7 and over.

    Flights– we can get you great prices on local domestic airfare, however for international airfare we recommend you visit the most popular online sites for the best prices. When planning a trip to Peru try to hold off on booking international flights until you have finished planning your route. Depending on how the tour is set up you may have to fly in to Lima or Cusco. Inca Trail dates cannot be changed once confirmed so it’s important to book flights last only after confirmation is available. Alternatively if you have already booked your flights we can plan an itinerary around your flights in and out of Peru.

    Lodging and Meals

    Hostel or Hotel? – 3 Star Hotels and higher generally have restaurants, room service and cable tv included. Hostels in Peru are like budget hotels, most will include a simple breakfast but they do not have their own restaurants nor room service or cable tv.

    Meals Not Included – aside from our treks and some jungle lodges, we don’t include meals as part of our tour packages only because Peru has some of the most diverse gastronomy in the world. We wouldn’t want to limit your palette with safe menus. We want our guests to immerse themselves in our culture and experiment with our varied cuisine.

    Choosing a Hike to Machu Picchu

    Choosing a Trek – Not all the treks we offer go to Machu Picchu, the two most popular areas to trek are in and around Cusco and in Northern Peru in Huaraz. Visit our Guide to Machu Picchu hikes to help you pick one of the following hikes.

    When trying to decide on the best trek to Machu Picchu the most popular of course is the Inca Trail, this is the only trek where you will hike the original route the Incas took to Machu Picchu and the only trek with ruins on route.

    The Salkantay Trek is known for it’s very scenic route, it is considered just if not more challenging then the Inca Trail and is the only trek that gets you very close to the glaciers. The Lares Trek is considered a more laid back trek through the Andean highlands, the trek takes you through various small town and can be considered a more cultural trek.

    Finally the Jungle Inca Trail is for adventure and thrill seekers. Hike, Bike, Raft and Zip Line your way to Machu Picchu!

    How Many Days in Peru?

    Peru is a Big Country – Most don’t realize that Peru is roughly the size of Alaska. This makes travelling from one part of the country to another time consuming. When planning a trip to Peru it’s important to pick a good route to save on time and money. One of our more popular routes is the Southern Circuit. This route allows you to visit the most popular destinations in Peru. Starting in Lima you go to Nazca, Arequipa, Lake Titicaca and end in Cusco with a visit to Machu Picchu of course!

    Trip Length – Due to the large distances between locations it is important to pick the right length to be able to visit the destinations on your bucket list. Most of our customers opt for a 9 day tour, arriving on Saturday and departing the following Sunday. When planning a trip to Peru 9 days is enough to fit in visiting Cusco and doing a trek to Machu Picchu. But you will want at least two weeks or around 15 days to visit other locations as well such as Lake Titicaca, Nazca Lines, Arequipa or Lima.

    Book on Your Schedule and Budget

    Flexibility – Once you submit the tour creation form, we will begin creating a tour for you. Our staff of specialists put it together piece by piece and can take from 1 to 3 business days. Be sure to let us know approximate dates so we can plan a great trip around your schedule. International flights can be expensive so find the best one and we’ll help you in planning a trip to Peru that accommodates those flights. Once you receive the itinerary you are free to continue personalizing your trip to your heart’s content. We do not charge for these revisions our goal after all is for you to create the perfect trip.

    Have a Budget? – We can give you several different options for all budget classes so you get the most of your hard earned vacation. When planning a trip to Peru please be as specific and detailed as possible on the tour form so we know exactly what you need. What are you waiting for? Let’s get started planning your perfect trip to Peru!

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