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Lake Titicaca - 2 Day Tour

Lake Titicaca – 2 Day Tour

2 Days
Puno, Cusco
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When visiting Lake Titicaca it is important to know that it’s at high altitude. You will want to acclimate by having already spent time in Arequipa or in Cusco. Should you travel to Puno directly, try to have a day or two to get used to the high altitude and keep physical activity to a minimum.

The floating Islands of Lake Titicaca are the most visited in the area, but if you have the time consider visiting Taquile and Amantani islands. These are islands that are full of the local culture. Their vibrant residents and the backdrop of the immense lake offers a spectacular cultural escape.

Like the rest of Peru, the best time of year to visit the area is generally from April to October during the Dry season. This will offer you the best views due to the dry weather. The High altitude makes it hot in the Sun and cool in the shade, which brings us to our next tip.

The Andean Sun can be harsh and give you fast sunburns, try to pick up a good all weather travel hat to make the most of your travels throughout Peru and the Andes.

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