things to visit in Lima Peru

Volunteer Blog: Captivating Things to Visit in Lima Peru!

From vibrant Miraflores to the hidden gems of Lima, join a volunteer's immersive journey as he uncovers the must-see things to visit in Lima, Peru....
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Peru Volunteer

Peru Volunteer Guide: 10 Inspiring Reasons to Give Back

How to Become a Peru Volunteer Volunteering in Peru is a special and rewarding experience. Right now, there are thousands of volunteers preparing to travel...
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My first weekend in Lima

Captivating Weekend in Lima: A Joyful Journey to Remember

Embark on a weekend journey in Lima, from its bustling club scenes to the heart of traditional dance festivals. Navigate the city's organized chaos, dance...
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Josh Lowe - Volunteer in Peru

Karikuys First Volunteer in Peru: My Fresh Volunteer Perspective

Volunteering with Karikuy has officially kicked off, and I'm the first to experience this adventurous journey in Peru. From a midnight flight out of Miami...
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Peru volunteer abroad program

Introducing Karikuy’s Incredible Volunteer Abroad Program

Dive deep into the unique Karikuy volunteer program abroad in Peru. From daily writing and research to weekend adventures, discover how you can make a...
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