Sechin in Casma Peru

Time Shortens: Casma Peru and Celebrating My Final Volunteer Blog

From the bustling streets of Lima to the serene landscapes of Casma, Peru, my final volunteer blog captures the essence of cherished moments and heartfelt...
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Jenny Sherman Backpacking South America

The Best Wonders of Backpacking South America: En route to Lima

From the colorful mountains of Purmamarca to the bustling Lima streets, join my backpacking adventure across South America. Experience the highs and lows, the camaraderie,...
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Renovating the Karikuy Lima Bed and Breakfast

Convenient Charm: Karikuy Lima Bed and Breakfast – Your Hub Close to the Airport!

Discover the charm of our Lima Bed and Breakfast! Located in Cercado de Lima, enjoy convenient airport transfers, high-speed internet, private baths, and a 4th-floor...
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volunteer program in Lima

Karikuy Today and our Exciting Volunteer Program in Lima

Karikuy faces the challenges of a shifting economic landscape, yet remains resilient. Dive into an update on the organization and discover the enriching opportunities of...
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