Peru Christmas

Absolutely Enjoy the Holidays in Peru

Spending the holidays in a warm climate can always make it difficult to get into the holiday spirit. Luckily when spending the Holidays in Peru...
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10 reasons to visit Peru

10 Reasons to Visit Peru This Winter

Our top 10 reasons to Visit Peru this winter explores the treasures that can be found in Peru during the off season. Let’s face it...
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Embracing the Spirit of Andean Music Day: A Journey Through Melodies and Tradition

Join us on Andean Music Day as we explore the rich traditions and vibrant melodies of Andean music. Discover its history, instruments, and cultural significance.
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carnival in peru

Celebrating Carnival in Peru and Its Vibrant Scenes

Dive into the heart of Peru's most vibrant festival - Carnival! From playful water fights in Lima to the traditional yunza tree ritual, experience the...
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Virgen de La Candelaria Festival in Puno

The Captivating Virgen de la Candelaria Festival in Puno

Every February, Puno bursts into vibrant celebrations for the Virgen de la Candelaria. A blend of tradition, dance, and religious fervor, this festival is a...
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