The 10 Best Documentaries on Peru

Peru, a land of enchanting mysteries and diverse beauty, is celebrated globally through various documentaries on Peru, offering an in-depth look at its rich culture, history, and breathtaking landscapes. These documentaries about Peru serve as gateways to understanding the multifaceted charm of this South American gem.

In anticipation of your journey to Peru, here’s an assortment of documentaries that can offer you a glimpse into the multifaceted wonders of this remarkable country:

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Documentaries on Peru

Peru, Hidden Treasure

Join Luis Ara on an 80-minute journey uncovering Peru’s culture, nature, and ancient architectural marvels.

Icaros (2014)

Follow a journey into the spiritual and ancestral knowledge of ayahuasca in the Shipibo community.

The Ghosts of Machu Picchu (2010)

This PBS Nova documentary investigates the enigmatic history of Machu Picchu, the iconic Incan citadel. It explores why this monumental site was built in such a remote location and uncovers insights about the lives of its ancient inhabitants.

Street Food

A Netflix docuseries episode highlighting the rich street food culture of Lima, blending unique flavors with fascinating personal stories.

The Living Edens: Manu

An Emmy-winning documentary about the diverse wildlife in Manu National Park.


Explore the Pacific Ocean and the natural wonders of Peru in this captivating documentary directed by Mariana Tschudi.

The BEST Of Peru’s Sacred Valley

Accompany Gordon Ramsay on a culinary adventure through Peru.

The Revolution and the Land (2019)

This documentary sheds light on a pivotal moment in Peru’s modern history: the agrarian reform under the Velasco regime.

Daughter of the Lake (2015)

Explore the spiritual connection to water and land in Cajamarca.

The Spirit Hunters

Experience the Machiguenga Indians’ view of the rainforest in the Peruvian Amazon. This is an older classic narrated by James Earl Jones. Watch here.

Documentaries about Peru Bonus: The History of Peru explained in 10 minutes

A concise overview of Peru’s rich history.


As we wrap up this journey through the captivating documentaries that spotlight Peru’s wonders, I hope you’ve found inspiration and a deeper appreciation for this incredible country. From the awe-inspiring landscapes to the rich cultural tapestry, these films offer more than just entertainment—they’re a window into the heart of Peru. If you’re eager to continue exploring, be sure to check out our blog about the top movies on Peru available on Netflix. It’s the perfect next step for immersing yourself in the stories and beauty that Peru has to offer, continuing the adventure from the comfort of your home. Happy watching!

Documentaries On Peru Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Peru a unique travel destination?

Peru’s combination of historical heritage, diverse natural landscapes, and warm hospitality makes it a unique destination. Its blend of ancient and modern cultures, along with breathtaking scenery, offers a rich and varied experience. Start planning a trip to Peru here,

Are there documentaries focusing on Peruvian cuisine?

Yes, documentaries like “Finding Gastón” and episodes of “The BEST Of Peru’s Sacred Valley” specifically explore Peru’s culinary heritage.

Can I access these documentaries online?

Many documentaries about Peru are available online on platforms like Netflix and YouTube.

Is Peru suitable for adventure travel?

Absolutely. Peru offers a range of adventure travel opportunities, from hiking in the Andes to exploring the Amazon rainforest.

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