Peru Cocoa Just Got Sweeter & More Delicious

As the World Demands Chocolate, Peru Cocoa Answers the Call. Peru Cocoa has just become sweeter, more sinful and more delicious. The country produced more...
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Peru Blog

Well.. Is it Practical to Learn Spanish for Peru?

If you’re an English speaker and are coming from a predominantly English speaking country, you might wonder “do I need to learn Spanish for Peru?”....
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Altitude Sickness

A Lesson in Dealing with Altitude Sickness

Altitude sickness is not what I expected at all. I’d heard about people getting dizzy or queasy – but to be honest, I brushed off the warnings...
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The Devastating Earthquake Ring of Fire

Table of ContentsA Map of the Ring of FireWhat’s The Ring of Fire?The Ring of DestructionThe Ocean Wall: TsunamisVolcanoes on the Ring of FirePrevention and...
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