Music from Peru and its Evolution

To learn more about music from Peru the book “Debating the Past: Music, Memory and Identity in the Andes” by Raul R. Romero is a...
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A Tango With My New Charango

“Julio, I want a Charango, can you show me where the music shops are?” “Oh there’s a strip of about 20 in a row right...
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Music from Peru: Los Chapillacs Save the Day

Exploring local music from Peru we stumble upon Los Chapillacs in Lima among others. Flooded with graffiti-like artwork, the small music venue “La Casa de...
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The Zampoña: An Old Instrument, New To Me

The Zampoña – I had never even heard of the instrument before Peru, so if you are like I was and hadn’t heard the beautiful...
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