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Our Story

A Little About Karikuy

Founded by Julio C. Tello on September 4th, 2007, Karikuy Tours was created with the vision of bringing people from all walks of life together to experience Peru like few have. From remote paradises to hidden metropolitan hot spots, Karikuy takes you to the center of one of the most colorful cultures on earth with the aim of broadening your perspective of the world through social and traditional tourism. 


Our Mission

An old Inca saying defines the organization and its goals, Karikuy; “to live life with an open heart”. Karikuy applies this motto in the way we do business, as we’re always thoughtful of our customers who in turn become friends and collaborators.

Karikuys’ survival as a company and humanitarian organization is in the hands of our customers, whose support and business fund our programs. Through tourism and exploration we invite you to experience Peru with Karikuy as your guide, with us you will not be a passing tourist, but fully enveloped in the activities and culture surrounding you.

Our Goal

How We are Different

At Karikuy we love to save our clients hard earned money, Our tours are special excursions with some of the best guides in the field at very good prices. Our profits go straight to our volunteer and humanitarian programs and the ultimate goal of improving the social conditions within Peru. Our prices let our guest spend on the people who need it most in Peru. Because whether you purchase a hand made belt or a piece of Inca jewelry, you will be directly supporting the local community and artisans through your purchases.

So if your looking to make Peru your next travel destination consider Karikuy as your hosts and get more out of your vacation, with us you’ll experience how to live what the Incas called Karikuy.


About Julio C. Tello

Born in Lima, Peru during the Maoist guerrilla uprising of the 1980’s, Julio Cesar Tello began his life amidst the violence and poverty of a nation in crisis. His parents, a nurse and factory manager, fled the country as the violence increased and economy fell. Twenty years would pass before Julio Cesar returned to Peru. Upon his return he traveled extensively throughout Peru meeting his countrymen and women. On seeing the conditions and getting feedback from other travelers, the decision was made to help his country develop and grow tourism in the region.

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