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1111 Day Peru Itinerary
With the pandemic coming to an end and countries reopening for travel, we answer your most urgent questions starting with is Peru open for travel? Yes, Peru is open for travel and has been reopening since April of this year. Domestic flights, hotels and attractions have slowly been reopening with the majority now accessible to international,...
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11Peru Christmas
Spending the holidays in a warm climate can always make it difficult to get into the holiday spirit. Luckily when spending the Holidays in Peru there are so many places you can have a great time and enjoy the festivities with family and friends. Here’s the best things to do when spending the Holidays in Peru....
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11what to wear in Machu Picchu
Before you decide to pack your bags to Peru, make sure you know what to wear in Machu Picchu as that will be one of the first places you will visit during your sight-seeing. Machu Picchu, as you might already know, is one of the most important destinations to visit in Peru. This Incan citadel is...
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11salkantay trek machu picchu
A Summary of the Salkantay Trek Machu Picchu. The barren landscapes of the Andes mountains can be deeply spiritual to those who take the time to visit them. The Salkantay (also spelled Salcantay) is the highest peak of the Willkapampa mountains, in the middle of Peruvian Andes. It is located around 60 kilometers from Cusco, from...
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11Machu Picchu Sunrise Tour
While there are many different ways to experience Machu Picchu, the best way to do so is probably by waking up early in the morning for the Machu Picchu Sunrise Tour. Machu Picchu, the legendary ruins in Peru are known across the world for it’s beauty, grandeur and mystique. Don’t you want to have the optimal...
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