Is Peru Open? 7 Important Travel Questions Answered

With the pandemic coming to an end and countries reopening for travel, we answer your most urgent questions starting with is Peru open for travel?

(UPDATE – January 28th, 2023) Travelers should should be prepared to experience delays and closures due to the current Political instability in the country. We recommend booking travel for the months of April onward.

UPDATE – As of October 1st, 2022 all COVID Emergency protocols have been dropped. Masking and vaccinations cards are no longer required. There are no COVID related entry requirements for Peru. There are no Quarantines nor Curfews in place related to COVID-19. Is Peru Open 100% for Travel; Yes!

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Yes, Peru is open for travel and has been reopening since April of this year. Domestic flights, hotels and attractions have slowly been reopening with the majority now accessible to international, regional and local tourism.

Restaurants, movie theaters and even bars and nightlife are being reactivated as the country continues their vaccination campaign. At the moment about 50% of the population has received both dosis of the COVID shot and another 15% has at least one dose of the shot.

Is Peru open to everyone? Not quite, all international travelers (minus Peruvian Citizens/Residents) who have a travel history in Brazil, India and South Africa up to 14 days before arrival are not allowed to enter Peru for the time being.

Is Peru open for tourism?
Is Peru Open for Travel? Of course! how could we keep this to ourselves. 📷@alan_around_the_world

Has Machu Picchu Reopened?

When most people ask “is Peru open?” they almost always refer to Machu Picchu. Yes, Machu Picchu has actually been open for most of the year and there isn’t a better time to visit if you want to have the ruins all to yourself.

As the tourism begins to be reactivated in the country you can expect more and more travelers to flood to the site. The famous ruins were already seeing record numbers before the pandemic and we expect the crowds to return to almost full capacity by May of next year.

The popular optional hike of Huayna Picchu has also reopened within the last few weeks after being closed since the pandemic began.

Is Peru open 100%? Are there Travel Restrictions and is the Quarantine Over?

There are currently no travel restrictions in place. All airports are operating as normal as well as bus travel. We had one of the strictest quarantines in the region at the height of the pandemic which is now over, there are still curfews in some regions of the country including Lima from midnight to 4 am though the police is flexible. Ok so is Peru Open 100%? Not entirely but this is mainly to stop infections in large social events where many people may spread the disease.

Different parts of the country have either a heightened or lowered alert level, depending on their cases. In general new cases of COVID have been decreasing throughout the country.

Is Peru Open for Travel?
Is Peru open to me taking off my mask?… @luciabcd 📸

Do I Have to Wear a Mask?

Yes, for the moment masks are mandatory and double facemasks are required in many stores and public transportation. One of the reasons Peru as a country has been able to control COVID is because most of the population respects the mask mandate.

Peru in 2020 was one of the countries worst hit with the pandemic. It affected everyone with almost all families having at least one family member or friend passing from the virus. After the first wave we began to take the pandemic more seriously.

UPDATE: As of October , 2022, Face masks and vaccination cards are no longer mandatory in Peru. Face masks are recommended if you have symptoms of COVID or have high risk of infection.

What Do I Need Before Travelling to Peru?

So is Peru open and easy to travel to? Yes, for the time being all international travelers need to have a negative PCR test result within at least 72 hours before your flight to Peru. Domestic flights do not require COVID testing but you must use a double facemask as they are required to enter many establishments, including shopping centers, markets, supermarkets, department stores, and other crowded places.

All travelers entering Peru must also complete an Affidavit of Health from the Ministry of Health. Please make sure to fill out the form and bring it with you signed or you may be denied entry into the country.

For updates and news please bookmark our Peru COVID Travel Information page.

Where Can I Get a PCR Test in Peru?

Some countries require their citizens to have a negative PCR test to return. If this is the case then you might want to read more about these Health Clinics offering the tests. We recommend you try to make appointments or have your hostel or hotels contact them to make an appointment for you and arrange a taxi. Allow them at least 24 hours for them to send your results.

Clinica Peruano Suiza – Located in Cusco and accepts Credit Cards.

Pardo Clinics – Located in Cusco, Aguas Calientes and Urubamba

Unilab Clinic – Located in Lima Jorge Chavez Airport – Call for appointment as may be too busy with last minute tests.

Anything Else I Should Know Before Travelling to Peru?

We always recommend booking your trip in advance. Since many places are at 50% capacity this is leading to a shortage of hotel rooms, flights and other services. Sites like Machu Picchu may be open but admissions are limited. Trains to Machu Picchu are also limited and many last minute travelers are finding themselves unable to get to Machu Picchu and having to wait for admissions to open up.

Please consider using local travel companies and services. Cusco’s whole economy for example is based on tourism and imagine what being shut down for a year did to the local community. A lot of travel companies and hotels closed.

We understand the DIY philosophy, we all want to save a buck, times are tough. But also consider that its the local people that build the hiking trails and maintain them. Local operators provide endless jobs and are the backbone of tourism not just in Cusco but all of Peru. Please show your support and buy local.

When answering the question “is Peru open?” the bottom-line is yes it very much is and opening more everyday. Tourism has always been very important to Peru and I can guarantee you that the country is doing its very best to give you a safe and wonderful experience. Support tourism and make your reservations today!

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Is Peru open to unforgettable adventures? Yes it sure is. 📷 @pedropulido

Julio C. Tello is Director of the Karikuy Peru Volunteer Program and Founder of Karikuy Tours.

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Founder of Karikuy, an organization in Peru that brings travelers to visit and explore the country. Julio also runs the Karikuy Volunteer program and is the editor of this blog. Julio likes to write about his adventures in Peru as well as Peruvian folklore, mysteries and secluded locations.

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