Galeria Delbarrio – A Hidden Gem of an Art Gallery

Contemporary Art at Galeria Delbarrio

It is certainly true that Lima offers an impressive display of artwork both contemporary and historical, and there are numerous museums and galleries to visit for an overview of these works. Yet for those travelers who want to explore the Peruvian art world in more depth, you need to come away from these larger collections and visit some smaller galleries. Here it is possible to experience the contemporary and developing artwork that is being developed in Lima and beyond.

Galeria Delbarrio

Finding Galeria Delbarrio

One such recommended gallery is Galeria Delbarrio in Chorrillos. You won’t find this gallery on the main stretch, but on a quiet residential road the bright blue house comes into view. This gallery focuses on contemporary art and always has different exhibitions and talks with artists, for those who are interested. Galeria Delbarrio is also heavily influenced by the vision of the curator, Gabriela Tineo Sanguinetti, which makes this a very special place.

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Gabriela, who is lovely in person, is a sociologist who worked in development until taking over the gallery in 2009. Her vision for the gallery is to present Peruvian art that connects the people with their identity. An identity that does not come from the European styles as displayed in so many of the larger collections, but an identity that is organically Peruvian. In this way, the nation can begin to reconnect with their pre-hispanic roots and cast off the reliance on a European identity. Art is one such way to achieve this, as the Galeria Delbarrio promotes. Gabriela’s vision is to use art as a way of social integration.

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Yet, sadly small galleries such as this are less visited than the larger collections, and when people do come it tends to be foreign visitors rather than Peruvians themselves. Hopefully with time this will change, so that a change can come from within Peruvian society and not be imposed from the outside. One way to achieve this? When you visit Lima, if you’re looking to buy artwork, or just to see it, visit the smaller galleries and consider supporting them with your purchases. Here are unique and socially conscious works to see and appreciate, and in supporting places such as Galeria Delbarrio, they can continue their work in repairing identities and social exclusions.

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Beckie is a volunteer with the Karikuy Peru Volunteer Program in Lima, Peru.

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