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Contemporary Art at Galeria Delbarrio It is certainly true that Lima offers an impressive display of artwork both contemporary and historical, and there are numerous museums and galleries to visit for an overview of these works. Yet for those travelers who want to explore the Peruvian art world in more depth, you need to come away...
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Lima Witch Market
The Charms of the Lima Witch Market Maybe you’ve heard about Gamarra market, the enormous, sprawling labyrinth of clothes vendors and factories on every corner. But did you also know that just around the corner from this, you can find the Lima witch market…a very interesting place to visit after you’ve bargained yourself silly all morning...
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When in Peru, drink as the Peruvians? Absolutely. But no, I’m not talking about Pisco this time, but Peru’s very own, home-grown, range of cervezas. That’s Peruvian beers, to you and me. The most popular of Peruvian beers on offer are Cuzqueña, Pilsen Callao, and Cristal. These are the beers that you will find in any...
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As the World Demands Chocolate, Peru Cocoa Answers the Call. Peru Cocoa has just become sweeter, more sinful and more delicious. The country produced more than 60,000 tons of cocoa in 2013 and grows more than 60 kilos of cocoa per hectare on average. Though 94% of the Peru cocoa is exported to countries like the...
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Peru, Nebraska
PromPeru travels to Peru, Nebraska with Peruvian Celebrities to show it’s citizens the meaning behind being Peruvian. English Subtitles provided by Karikuy Tours, come explore Peru, Land of the Incas. On the eve of Peruvian Independence, we remember the documentary “Peru Nebraska“, by the Peru Brand, which was released just over 10 years ago. Under a different...
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