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11Markets in Lima
Lima Markets where art thou? I couldn’t help but think back to Dorothy’s famous line in the iconic childhood film Wizard of Oz “We’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto” when I first realized there were no more double espressos or maple pecan tarts to be had at my beloved favorite Canadian coffee shop Second Cup. Naturally,...
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1110 reasons to visit Peru
Our top 10 reasons to Visit Peru this winter explores the treasures that can be found in Peru during the off season. Let’s face it most tourists visit Peru during the Summer travel season. This is when generally the whole world descends upon Peru. The high travel season (April to October) also means elevated prices, crowded...
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11City of Gold
In the Peruvian jungles east of Cusco lies a very peculiar city. A city known by many names; Paikikin, Vilcapampa, El Gran Paititi but most famously as El Dorado, the legendary lost city of Gold. The place where the Incas hid what remained of their golden treasures, Idols and Kings. Since I was young I have...
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To learn more about music from Peru the book “Debating the Past: Music, Memory and Identity in the Andes” by Raul R. Romero is a must read. This weekend I was lucky enough to be granted a whopping 16 ½ hour bus ride, each way, for a chance to take a glance at Arequipa, Peru. But...
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“Julio, I want a Charango, can you show me where the music shops are?” “Oh there’s a strip of about 20 in a row right in downtown Lima.” It was all over from there. With some child-like begging and a few temper tantrums, my plan succeeded as we headed to music central. I don’t know why...
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