My Machu Picchu Visit

My Spectacular Machu Picchu Visit

Embark on an enthralling Machu Picchu visit, from scenic drives through the Sacred Valley to the awe of ancient ruins. Experience the mystique of the...
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cusco elevation in feet

Super High in Cusco: Cusco Elevation in Feet

Journeying through Cusco, elevated at 11,152 feet, offers a blend of high-altitude challenges and cultural wonders. From navigating local markets to acclimatizing to the dizzying...
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Josh Lowe - Volunteer in Peru

Karikuys First Volunteer in Peru: My Fresh Volunteer Perspective

Volunteering with Karikuy has officially kicked off, and I'm the first to experience this adventurous journey in Peru. From a midnight flight out of Miami...
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volunteer program in Lima

Karikuy Today and our Exciting Volunteer Program in Lima

Karikuy faces the challenges of a shifting economic landscape, yet remains resilient. Dive into an update on the organization and discover the enriching opportunities of...
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