Mexico vs Peru - The Ultimate Showdown

Mexico vs Peru: A Remarkable Culinary & Cultural Showdown

Craving a unique cultural and culinary adventure, but feeling torn between Mexico and Peru? It's time for the ultimate cultural showdown; Mexico vs Peru. Both nations...
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Papa a la Huancaina - Foods in Peru

10 Must-Try Foods in Peru: Unveiling Exquisite Delights for Food Lovers

Our Picks for Best Foods in Peru Take your taste buds on a gourmet adventure to Peru, a nation bursting with culinary marvels that will...
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Peruvian Restaurants

The Absolute Joy of the Peruvian Restaurant

We hope to serve as your guide on our next excursion into the delights of the Peruvian restaurant. We'll delve into the core of this...
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Markets in Lima

Los Mercados de Lima – Lima Markets

Lima Markets where art thou? I couldn’t help but think back to Dorothy’s famous line in the iconic childhood film Wizard of Oz “We’re not...
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Lima peru street food

Incredible Lima Peru Street Food

Explore Lima's bustling streets and savor its diverse street food. From savory anticuchos to sweet picarones, experience Peru's culinary delights.
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