Peru Cocoa Just Got Sweeter & More Delicious

As the World Demands Chocolate, Peru Cocoa Answers the Call.

Peru Cocoa has just become sweeter, more sinful and more delicious. The country produced more than 60,000 tons of cocoa in 2013 and grows more than 60 kilos of cocoa per hectare on average.

Peru Cacao Exports

Though 94% of the Peru cocoa is exported to countries like the U.S., France, Belgium and Italy among others, chocolate remains a favorite staple of Peruvian culture. The government too, is looking for ways to increase the production of cocoa. Peru Cocoa production will not only help citizens of Peru to find employment, make a living and generally live a better life, but also bring in more tourists. Cocoa production is a viable source of tourism, and chocolate tourism can help bring people from around the world.

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Cocoa (Theobroma cacao L), is an endemic species of South America whose center of origin is located east of the Andes, in the region between the basins of the Caquetá, Putumayo and Napo rivers, tributaries of the Amazon River. Peru cocoa is grown mainly in the lower part of the eastern slope of the Andes mountain range, between 200 and 900 meters above sea level. .

The department that traditionally concentrates the largest cocoa production is Cusco with a 33.1% share of the total, followed by Ayacucho (22.3%), Amazonas (12.6%) and Junín (9.9%). These four departments concentrate 78% of the national production.

At the country level, the genetic groups of cocoa can be identified by production area.

Peru Cacao
Peru Cocao Production

Trips to Peru cocoa plantations and factories where cocoa is processed has become a travel destination. With that, if enterprising entrepreneurs take up the task of opening up chocolate cafes and bars, things would improve drastically. In the future, I already see a Peru that will thrive on money that chocolate can bring. Chocolate remains the favorite sweet of the world and dark chocolate sans sugar is packed with antioxidants and flavonoids.

Where can you go to experience rich Peruvian chocolate? Choco Museo is a combination store, cafe, and tasting nirvana. The staff is eager and helpful allowing you to sample many desserts. Some items include mousse with dark chocolate drizzles on top. There are hot beverages of melted chocolate, milk, cinnamon and cloves, chocolate liquor is even gaining popularity. The tastes here put cheaper waxy international chocolate to shame…. The chocolate for purchase isn’t cheap but the quality makes it worth the price. Or, enjoy your delectables in the cafe and take your memories home with you.

Choco Museo also offers classes to make your own Peru Cocoa Bars. The tour includes instructors fluent in English at both their Lima and Cusco locations. The whole process of creating chocolate is explained in detail including the history of chocolate. We tasted many different varieties of flavored jams, Pisco and experimented with the body lotions and other products available for use on your skin. The whole course lasted about two hours and was well worth the money. You can bag up your Chocolate you make as well to take home with you as a souvenir.

It is very important to consume chocolate without sugar on a regular basis. Darker the chocolate, the better. Just make sure that your chocolate is not packed with sugar or artificial sweeteners. A slab of rich dark chocolate can keep your heart, liver and skin healthy. If you want to eat some chocolate in an exotic locale, Peru is certainly the place to be at.

During your time in Peru don’t forget to ask to try some of the countries very own chocolate, you might be pleasantly surprised. Peru is the Food Capital of South America and uses chocolate in many desserts and some dishes. To taste Peru Cocoa and other national dishes, check out these Lima Tours.

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