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The Zampoña – I had never even heard of the instrument before Peru, so if you are like I was and hadn’t heard the beautiful sound of a zampoña before, you are in for a treat.  In addition to the guitar and charango (a guitar-like instrument), the zampoña is a marked instrument of Peru and the...
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slums in Lima Peru
A History of Slums in Lima Peru Between 1940 and 1981 Lima’s population exploded from 645,000 to over 4 million. The following is an account from Ayacucho-born Mercedes Torribio, who was part of the 1968 invasion of Jose Oloya one of the many slums in Lima Peru. Like her story of invasion, millions more can relate...
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While many Americans were caught up in the media frenzy that was the Presidential Campaign of Barack Obama, only a few were really paying attention to the actions of the man who would become President. This side of the equator actions speak louder then words and Barack Obamas support of the new North American Free Trade...
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Lima Ceviche
Returning to Lima for some shopping and Lima Ceviche in Callao Tuesday March 18th – Day 9 I woke up to the sound of our bus speeding it’s way through the dusty desert coast of Peru. About half our bus was awake and watching a movie, in a little while the bus steward would be passing...
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