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Peruvian Restaurants
We hope to serve as your guide on our next excursion into the delights of the Peruvian restaurant. We'll delve into the core of this fascinating cuisine, highlight the dishes that have made it famous around the world, and offer you a preview of what to look forward to on your next trip.
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rainbow mountains of peru
Peru is a land of breathtaking beauty and diverse landscapes, from the soaring peaks of the Andes to the dense jungles of the Amazon. But in recent years, melting glaciers have unveiled a new geographical wonder - the Rainbow Mountains of Peru. These vibrant peaks, painted in a spectrum of colors, are a must-visit for anyone...
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11 Day Peru Itinerary
With the pandemic coming to an end and countries reopening for travel, we answer your most urgent questions starting with is Peru open for travel? (UPDATE – January 28th, 2023) Travelers should should be prepared to experience delays and closures due to the current Political instability in the country. We recommend booking travel for the months...
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Traveling to Peru Safety Tips
Table of ContentsTraveling to Peru Safety Tip #1: Avoid Attracting Unwanted AttentionTraveling to Peru Safety Tip #2: Be Mindful of your PossessionsTraveling to Peru Safety Tip #3: Secure your ValuablesTraveling to Peru Safety Tip #4: Stick to Safe NeighborhoodsTraveling to Peru Safety Tip #5: Know When to use ATMsTraveling to Peru Safety Tip #6: Use Transportation...
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Sustainable cocao farming
The Peruvian rainforest, a vital part of the Amazon region, is under threat due to steady depletion. Home to diverse indigenous communities and a rich array of flora and fauna, these forests are succumbing to the pressures of modern living and consumerist demands.
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