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Sechin Peru
Embark on a captivating exploration of Sechin, Peru. Discover the ancient tales and architectural marvels of this hidden gem in Casma. From the shadows of the majestic 'Templo' to the serene shores of Tortuga Beach, experience a journey where history and nature intertwine.
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casma peru
On a sizzling day, we ventured towards Casma, a drive from Supe marked by sunburns and the vibrant charm of Caral. Amidst the heat, Maycol and I sought solace in Inka Kola and local tales at the Plaza de Armas. Dive into our sun-kissed escapade.
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Caral in Peru
Journey with us to the heart of Caral in Peru, the ancient city that stands as a testament to time. Unearth the secrets of the oldest civilization in the Americas, where monumental pyramids and intriguing histories intertwine. Dive deep into a world that predates even the Olmecs and gain a unique perspective on the roots of...
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peru backpacking lima to caral
Join me on a heartfelt journey from Lima to Caral. From bustling airport scenes to warm family reunions and the vibrant pulse of Peru, dive into a travel tale that's as much about the destination as it is about the memories we make along the way.
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For the next month I will be backpacking through out Peru, the strenuous hike over the Andes and sweaty trek through the desert will be chronicled on this blog for my customers and friends. As I get ready for my Peru backpacking trip I have a couple things to consider.
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