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My first weekend in Lima
Embark on a weekend journey in Lima, from its bustling club scenes to the heart of traditional dance festivals. Navigate the city's organized chaos, dance with locals, and uncover traditions that many tourists miss. Dive deeper into Lima's captivating allure and unforgettable moments.
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Josh Lowe - Volunteer in Peru
Volunteering with Karikuy has officially kicked off, and I'm the first to experience this adventurous journey in Peru. From a midnight flight out of Miami to a warm welcome in Lima, the adventure has just begun. Whether it's navigating through the bustling streets of Lima or getting settled into my new role, every moment is a...
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carnival in peru
Dive into the heart of Peru's most vibrant festival - Carnival! From playful water fights in Lima to the traditional yunza tree ritual, experience the rich tapestry of traditions that make Peru's Carnival a joyous, unforgettable spectacle.
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While many Americans were caught up in the media frenzy that was the Presidential Campaign of Barack Obama, only a few were really paying attention to the actions of the man who would become President. This side of the equator actions speak louder then words and Barack Obamas support of the new North American Free Trade...
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Virgen de La Candelaria Festival in Puno
Every February, Puno bursts into vibrant celebrations for the Virgen de la Candelaria. A blend of tradition, dance, and religious fervor, this festival is a testament to Puno's rich heritage. From colorful parades to the iconic Diabladas dance, experience a cultural spectacle like no other.
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