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Lima Peru
Waking up to the infectious beats of salsa and reggaeton in Lima sets the tone for a day of celebration and reflection. From rooftop musings to heartfelt visits and unforgettable parties, join me as I navigate the vibrant streets of Lima, culminating in a birthday bash that stretches until dawn.
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Lima Ceviche
Tuesday March 18th – Lima Ceviche and Shopping in Callao I woke up to the sound of our bus speeding it’s way through the dusty desert coast of Peru. About half our bus was awake and watching a movie, in a little while the bus steward would be passing a small snack for breakfast. We soon...
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Chiclayo Lord of Sipan
mbark on a journey with us to Chiclayo, where scenic bus rides reveal dramatic landscapes and where history whispers tales of the Lord of Sipan. From unexpected museum closures to the charm of the City of Friendship, uncover the allure of this Peruvian treasure.
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Cajamarca Ransom Room
Step into Cajamarca, where ancient tales of Atahualpa and the Inca Empire come alive. From the haunting Ransom Room to breathtaking Andean vistas, uncover a journey filled with history, intrigue, and unexpected twists. Dive into a story you won't forget!
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Trujillo Peru
Journey with us through the heart of Trujillo, Peru, where ancient wonders meet modern vibrancy. From the laughter-filled streets to the awe-inspiring ruins of Chan Chan, dive into a city bursting with history, charm, and a revolutionary spirit. Ready for an adventure?
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