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what to see in Lima: Nightlife
Discover Lima's hidden gems in our latest blog. From the historic Church of San Francisco to the lively Los Olivos nightlife, uncover what to see in Lima.
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Lima peru street food
Explore Lima's bustling streets and savor its diverse street food. From savory anticuchos to sweet picarones, experience Peru's culinary delights.
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Ceviche is a peruvian experience
Dive into the heart of Peru with me, from the lively streets of Lima to the sacred ruins of Machu Picchu. Savor the local flavors, embrace the culture, and discover the beauty of the Andes in this enriching Peruvian experience.
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Sechin in Casma Peru
From the bustling streets of Lima to the serene landscapes of Casma, Peru, my final volunteer blog captures the essence of cherished moments and heartfelt goodbyes.
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travelling alone in peru
Embark on a personal journey through Peru, exploring Lima's rich history, making connections, and uncovering the country's layered past. Travelling alone in Peru, I dive into the depths of local culture, from the eerie catacombs of San Francisco to the lively samba district of Callao, and the profound exhibits at Museo de la Nacion. Join me...
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