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When in Peru, drink as the Peruvians? Absolutely. But no, I’m not talking about Pisco this time, but Peru’s very own, home-grown, range of cervezas. That’s Peruvian beers, to you and me. The most popular of Peruvian beers on offer are Cuzqueña, Pilsen Callao, and Cristal. These are the beers that you will find in any...
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As the World Demands Chocolate, Peru Cocoa Answers the Call. Peru Cocoa has just become sweeter, more sinful and more delicious. The country produced more than 60,000 tons of cocoa in 2013 and grows more than 60 kilos of cocoa per hectare on average. Though 94% of the Peru cocoa is exported to countries like the...
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win a trip to Peru
Have you ever dreamt of standing atop the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu, feeling the cool Andean breeze on your face, and soaking in the rich history of the Inca civilization? Well, this might just be your golden opportunity to win a trip to Peru!
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Juanita Mummy
Juanita the Ice Maiden, also known as the Lady of Ampato, or Juanita Mummy is the the well-preserved 500-year-old frozen body of an Incan girl who was sacrificed as an offering to the Inca gods when she was probably 11-15 years old. Her body was naturally mummified due to the freezing temperatures and dry windy mountain...
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Pisco Tasting in Ica
Embark on a pisco tasting journey in Ica, uncovering the rich flavors of Peru, and delve into the mystical tales of Cachiche's legendary witches.
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