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Help us continue to send bundles of warmth to the children of the highlands of Peru. Due to extreme weather hundreds of children die every year due to freezing temperatures. With your help every donation gets us closer to sending out a bundle of aid to an isolated community where there are children in need. Help our Peru charity grow, every little bit counts, so we thank you in advance.


What is Kawsay?

Life, culture, our living energy, in times past the Incas had a word for these three most sacred of human traits; Kawsay.

Kawsay must be guarded and cared after at all times, it is an essential part in our development as a society and for this reason we at Karikuy have named our Peru Charity and Humanitarian program exactly that. Our aim; to help the dispossessed, the poor, the young and starving, those who have no one to turn to when their society turns their back on them.

Help Us Send Bundles of Warmth

Peru is at the front lines of global climate change. Puno, the southwestern province of Peru has been hardest hit by a long winter of freezing temperatures. At the mercy of the bitter cold spell have been the children of the Altiplano who simply haven’t the strength to survive the coldest winters in the history of Puno. It has been estimated that over 100 children have died since January of this year due to respiratory infections and colds that go untreated. It is estimated that over 30,000 people in Puno have been affected by viruses due to global climate change and that over 300 kids in Puno are currently suffering from pneumonia. 

Our Peru charity is now accepting online donations to buy jackets, hats, gloves and blankets for the children of Puno. Our goal is to provide warmth to every child in the Altiplano and if possible shoes and thermal underwear as well. Once this goal is met we will begin handing out clothes to the adult population. We will only accept donations via PayPal due to logistics; for every blanket you buy at the store and send to Peru you could be buying 10+ blankets domestically inside Peru. Transportation and product costs are too high for us to accept mail donations. 

Kawsay Peru Charity

A Very Special Thanks to Our Past Donors

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Eileen Gawrys – John Angles – Claire Hindley
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Help our Peru charity continue to send Jackets, Hats, Blankets and more to the Children of the Highlands!

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