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Introduction to Our Facebook Travel Deal

Embark on a 9-day odyssey through the heart of Peru, a land where ancient civilizations whisper secrets of the past and nature paints landscapes that leave you breathless. From the bustling streets of Lima to the mystical heights of Machu Picchu, every day promises a new adventure.

Dive deep into the vibrant cultures, savor the rich flavors, and let the rhythm of the Andes guide your steps. Whether you’re tracing the paths of the Incas, marveling at the hues of the Rainbow Mountain, or simply soaking in the ambiance of Cusco, this journey is more than just a trip—it’s a doorway to experiences that will linger in your heart and mind. Ready to be enchanted? Your Peruvian adventure awaits.

Machu Picchu with our facebook travel deal

Day 1 - Dive into the Enigma of Lima - Your Peruvian Odyssey Begins!

Touchdown in Lima: As your plane descends, catch your first glimpse of the sprawling coastal city of Lima. Here, ancient history and modern vibes blend seamlessly, setting the stage for your Peruvian adventure.

A Warm Peruvian Welcome: Our seasoned guides, known for their deep knowledge and passion for their homeland, will be at the Lima Airport to greet you. From the moment you step off the plane, you’re not just a visitor; you’re our honored guest.

First-Class Transfer: Experience the vibrant streets of Lima as we provide a smooth transfer to your hotel. As the city’s nightlife unfolds around you, it’s a hint of the adventures that lie ahead.

Rest & Recharge: We’ve chosen a hotel that promises not just comfort, but an immersive Peruvian experience. As you settle in, let the ambiance of Lima prepare you for the days to come.

A Night of Possibilities: The evening is yours to enjoy at your leisure. If you’re drawn to explore, our guides are ready with recommendations. From hidden eateries to local performances, Lima is a city that never sleeps.

Insider Tip: Throughout this itinerary, look out for our “Peru Insider Tips.” These are handpicked suggestions from our experts to ensure your journey is both memorable and authentic.

Day 2 - A Tapestry of Lima - From Historic Heights to Bohemian Beats

Sunrise at Morro Solar: Begin your day atop the iconic Morro Solar in Chorrillos district. As you stand 300 meters above sea level, breathe in the panoramic views of Lima and delve into the rich tapestry of Peruvian history that this vantage point offers.

Barranco’s Bohemian Heartbeat: Step into the artistic soul of Lima in the district of Barranco. Wander through its vibrant plaza, feel the romance of the “Puente de los Suspiros”, and let the intricate murals narrating tales of tradition and modernity captivate you.

Miraflores – Where Modern Meets Majestic: Journey next to Miraflores, the city’s modern crown jewel. Here, the “Parque Del Amor” awaits, with its iconic sculpture by a renowned local artist, set against the backdrop of the vast Peruvian sea.

A Stroll Down Memory Lane at Parque Kennedy: Dive deeper into Lima’s history with a leisurely walk through Parque Kennedy. As you traverse its pathways, our guides will regale you with tales of this park’s significance to the city’s heartbeat.

A Culinary Odyssey in Surquillo: No visit to Lima is complete without indulging in its culinary wonders. Head to a bustling local market in Surquillo. Discover the rich bounty of Peru’s lands and seas, and get a taste of the nation’s gastronomic prowess.

Historical Center’s Timeless Tales: As the afternoon sun casts a golden hue, journey to Lima’s historical center. Marvel at the grandeur of San Martin Square and Main Square, and feel the pulse of history as you explore the enigmatic catacombs of the San Francisco Monastery.

Inka Market – A Treasure Trove: If you’re keen to take a piece of Peru back home, we’ll guide you through the Inka Market. Here, traditional crafts, textiles, and souvenirs offer a tangible connection to the rich cultural tapestry of Peru.

Todays tour includes hotel pick up and drop off.

Insider Tip: Lima’s districts each have their unique charm. As you explore, keep an eye out for hidden cafes, artisanal shops, and local performances that capture the city’s diverse spirit. Try local treats such as alfajores and picarones. Don’t forget to try our national soda pop; Inka Kola.

Day 3 - From Lima's Coast to Cusco's Clouds and Chronicles

From Lima’s Coast to Cusco’s Highlands Morning light filters through Lima as our attentive guides facilitate your seamless transition from the hotel to the airport. Feel the excitement build as you ascend into the skies, bound for the historic city of Cusco. As you touch down, our Cusco experts, brimming with local knowledge and warmth, will be there to greet you. They’ll escort you to your hotel, a haven where you can drop off your luggage and gather your thoughts. There’s a brief window of leisure, a moment to catch your breath and let the anticipation simmer, before the afternoon unveils Cusco’s rich tapestry.

Cusco City Tour: A Tapestry of Time The city tour of Cusco is a journey through epochs. It begins with the revered Koricancha, or the Temple of the Sun. This was the epicenter of spiritual reverence during the Incan era, and its legacy now melds with the Spanish church that proudly stands upon its foundations. Here, the contrast is palpable: the meticulous, earthquake-resistant stonework of the Incas juxtaposed against the grandeur of Spanish architecture.

From the spiritual depths of Koricancha, the narrative shifts to the commanding heights of the Sacsayhuaman fortress. This vantage point offers a sweeping view of Cusco, a city that has been a silent witness to centuries of history. The sheer scale and precision of the stones at Sacsayhuaman are a testament to Incan ingenuity and craftsmanship.

The story continues as you are introduced to the enigmatic sites of Tambomachay, Qenq’o, and Puka Pukara. Each of these places, steeped in lore and legend, has its own tale to tell, its own piece of the historical puzzle to offer.

Artisan’s Embrace: Crafted with Love As the sun begins its descent, the day culminates in a visit to a local artisan’s workshop. Here, the vibrant hues of artwork, the soft touch of alpaca textiles, and the intricate details of handcrafted souvenirs come together. It’s an invitation to take a piece of Cusco back with you, a tangible memory of a day that spanned eras and emotions.

Insider Tip: Acclimatizing to Cusco’s altitude is crucial. Stay hydrated, pace yourself, and consider sipping on some local coca tea, a traditional remedy known to help with altitude adjustment.

Day 4 - Inca Jungle Trek: The Adventure Begins

Journey to the Jungle Inca Trail Dawn breaks and the adventure begins. Our seasoned guides, having briefed you the previous day, ensure a smooth departure from your accommodation. The journey takes you through the heart of the Sacred Valley, with the towns of Chinchero, Urubamba, and Ollantaytambo painting a vivid backdrop.

As the Malaga Pass unveils itself, standing tall at 4316 m., the breathtaking panorama of the snow-kissed Huacay Willca Mountains beckons. Here, the thrill of cycling awaits. Descend through diverse ecosystems, from the lofty Puna to the mysterious cloud forests, each teeming with unique flora and fauna. The day’s ride culminates at the ancient ruins of Huaman Marq’a, leading you to the welcoming embrace of Santa Maria, where rest, dinner, and the promise of tomorrow await.

White Water Rafting: Embrace the Rapids For those with an insatiable thirst for adrenaline, the rafting tour is a call to action. The balmy jungle climate sets the stage for an exhilarating experience on the high Amazon waters. Safety is paramount, and a thorough briefing ensures you’re well-prepared. With practice rounds completed and confidence instilled, it’s time to navigate the rapids. Class II, III, and IV challenges await, with roaring waters, towering waves, and the enchanting wilderness as your audience. The river’s song, punctuated by the splash of oars and the thrill of the ride, is an experience that resonates long after the journey ends.

Insider Tip: The Jungle Inca Trail is a blend of history and adrenaline. Whether you’re marveling at ancient ruins or conquering the rapids, always stay hydrated and follow safety guidelines for an unforgettable experience.

Day 5 - Inca Jungle Trek: Nature's Serenade

Awaken to the harmonious songs of the jungle birds. As we set out post-breakfast, the ancient Inca trail (Qapaq ñan) unfolds before us, revealing a vibrant tapestry of nature. From the fluttering wings of parrots and hummingbirds to the majestic soar of eagles, the sky becomes a dance of colors and songs.

The path we tread is lined with nature’s bounty: the sacred coca plants of the Incas, aromatic coffee beans, and a medley of tropical fruits like bananas, oranges, and mangoes. A brief respite awaits in Pispitayuc, where hammocks beckon for a moment of relaxation amidst the whispering trees.

Our journey continues through the breathtaking Vilcabamba mountains, leading us to the quaint village of Qellomayo. Here, we’ll savor a hearty lunch and share stories of our adventure so far. For those seeking a touch of rejuvenation, the Cocalmayo hot springs lie nearby, their therapeutic waters promising to soothe weary muscles.

Our day culminates in the charming town of Santa Teresa, where a warm meal and comfortable lodgings await, setting the stage for the adventures of tomorrow.

Day 6 - Inca Jungle Trek: Trails, Tales, and Treetop Thrills

As dawn breaks, we embark on a journey tracing the footsteps of the pioneering explorers of this region. Our two-hour hike promises a visual feast: cascading waterfalls and lush plantations of coffee and the sacred coca. The melodies of the jungle accompany us, creating a serene soundtrack to our adventure.

Our path leads us to the Hydroelectric station, where a sumptuous lunch awaits. Post-lunch, we’ll tread alongside the iconic rail lines, with the town of Aguas Calientes beckoning in the distance. Once there, a cozy hotel room offers a moment of respite, preparing us for the evening’s gathering. Over dinner, we’ll share tales and anticipation, as we prepare for the next day’s ascent to the legendary Machu Picchu.

For the thrill-seekers among us, the day holds an additional adrenaline rush. The option to experience the Vertikal Zip Lines awaits. A short taxi ride and hike lead to the platforms, where the vast canopy of the jungle stretches below. With expert guidance and a safety briefing, you’ll soar through the treetops, feeling the exhilarating freedom of the skies.

Day 7 - Machu Picchu: Ascending to the Pinnacle of Wonder

Dawn at Machu Picchu
The day you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived. An early rise at 5:00 AM sets the tone for a day filled with wonder and awe. As you embark on the hour and a half hike, every step brings you closer to the majestic Machu Picchu. Ascending 500 meters, the anticipation builds until you stand at the entrance of this new wonder of the world.

Sunrise Over Ancient Stones
The first rays of dawn illuminate the intricate stonework, casting a golden hue over the ruins. This is the moment to capture the magic, as the sun paints a masterpiece over the landscape. With cameras in hand, you’ll immortalize this breathtaking moment.

Guided Exploration
With the ruins bathed in the soft morning light, your guided tour begins. Dive deep into the history, tales, and mysteries of this iconic citadel. Every corner holds a story, every stone a secret.

Journey Back in Style: The Expedition Train
6:20 pm marks the beginning of your return journey, but not without a touch of luxury. The PeruRail Expedition train, inspired by Incan designs, offers a unique blend of culture and comfort. As you traverse through the scenic landscapes, panoramic windows offer unobstructed views of the journey. With top-quality food and beverage services available for purchase, and attentive staff catering to your every need, this ride back to Cusco promises to be as memorable as the destination itself.

Day 8 - Journey to the Colors of the Andes - Rainbow Mountain

Unveiling Nature’s Masterpiece
Rainbow Mountain, also celebrated as Vinicunca or Montaña de 7 Colores, is Peru’s latest gem and its second most frequented site. A spectacle hidden beneath glaciers, it was only in 2015 that the receding ice unveiled this breathtaking canvas of nature.

The Expedition Begins
Your day commences early, with a pick-up from your hotel between 4:20 am and 5 am. As you journey towards the base of Apu Ausangate, the anticipation builds. Here, amidst the serene backdrop, you’ll savor a hearty breakfast and gear up for the trek ahead.

Trekking Through Time
The hike, starting from an altitude of 4200 meters, is a blend of cultural immersion and natural beauty. As you ascend towards the Rainbow Mountain, perched at 5100 m.a.s.l, you’ll traverse through quaint villages, witnessing the high Andean landscapes dotted with grazing alpacas and llamas. Every step brings you closer to the grandeur that awaits.

Nature’s Palette
Upon reaching the summit, you’re greeted by an array of colors – a natural tapestry crafted by mineral deposits over millennia. The panoramic views are complemented by the majestic Ausangate Mountain, an emblematic sacred peak of the Incas. While the altitude might challenge, the vistas reward. Spend a reflective 15 to 30 minutes here, soaking in the grandeur.

A Note on Altitude
Given the significant elevation, this expedition is best reserved for the latter part of your Peruvian journey. It’s essential to be acclimated, especially since this trek takes you even higher than the famed Inca Trail or Salkantay Trek. For the best experience, consider scheduling this after your Machu Picchu adventure.

Wrapping Up the Day
The descent mirrors the ascent in beauty and wonder. As you retrace your steps to the starting point, the memories of the day solidify. Your return to Cusco is marked by the setting sun, with an estimated arrival time of 6:30 PM.

Packing Tips
The high-altitude terrain can be unpredictable. Arm yourself with sturdy hiking boots, sunblock, and a rain poncho to ensure you’re prepared for every twist and turn the Andean weather might throw your way.

Day 9 - Departure from Cusco to Lima

Smooth Transitions
Your final day in Cusco begins with a serene morning. As the city awakens, we’ll ensure a hassle-free transfer from your hotel to the airport, setting you on your way to Lima.

Lima’s Farewell
Once in Lima, as you await your international flight, there’s ample time to reminisce about the vibrant landscapes, historical wonders, and the genuine warmth of the Peruvian people you’ve encountered.

Delight in Every Moment
This journey was crafted with you in mind, aiming to provide experiences that resonate and memories that last. We believe that by choosing this adventure, you’ve treated yourself to a unique blend of culture, history, and natural beauty that only Peru can offer.

Share the Joy
If Peru has left an impression, consider telling your loved ones about your experiences. Sometimes, the simplest stories inspire the grandest adventures.

Your Next Step
Remember, the world is full of delightful destinations. If you’ve enjoyed your time with us, we look forward to welcoming you again. For those contemplating, trust in your wanderlust, and you’ll be thrilled by the experiences that await.



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