Chiclayo Lord of Sipan

Amazing Peru Backpacking: Chiclayo

mbark on a journey with us to Chiclayo, where scenic bus rides reveal dramatic landscapes and where history whispers tales of the Lord of Sipan....
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Cajamarca Ransom Room

Amazing Peru Backpacking: Cajamarca

Step into Cajamarca, where ancient tales of Atahualpa and the Inca Empire come alive. From the haunting Ransom Room to breathtaking Andean vistas, uncover a...
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Trujillo Peru

Amazing Peru Backpacking: Trujillo Peru

Journey with us through the heart of Trujillo, Peru, where ancient wonders meet modern vibrancy. From the laughter-filled streets to the awe-inspiring ruins of Chan...
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Sechin Peru

Amazing Peru Backpacking: Sechin Peru

Embark on a captivating exploration of Sechin, Peru. Discover the ancient tales and architectural marvels of this hidden gem in Casma. From the shadows of...
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Caral in Peru

Amazing Peru Backpacking: Caral in Peru

Journey with us to the heart of Caral in Peru, the ancient city that stands as a testament to time. Unearth the secrets of the...
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