Wednesday March 19th – 25 Years Old in Lima

I apologize for the lack of blogs as I have been real busy with Karikuy as of late. I’m also trying to finish the new company video by the end of this month. I started a new advertising campaign with facebook and that has kept me busy the last couple of days. So here is Tariy 2008, continuing where it last left off:

Ahh there is nothing like waking up to the sound of salsa in the morning. It’s almost as if you could dance right out of bed and into the chilly shower to further awaken your senses. Surprisingly the music invades the house in layers, salsa from the neighbor to the east, reggaeton from the neighbor to the north. Downstairs my cousin plays Grupo Nectar, one of the most popular cumbia bands in Lima, Peru. A beautiful day in general and it just so happens that on this day I turn 25.

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planeta lima peru alonso
Neighborhood of Planeta in Lima, Peru

I hopped out of the shower trembling as usual but with a bounce to my step. I wasn’t necessarily thinking about turning a quarter of a century old as I was about what the night might hold in store. I put on some shorts and a t-shirt and climbed to the roof to check if my clothes for the night were finished drying.

lima clothes line

Before any festivities could kick off I had reminded myself that I was to visit the cemetery and pay a visit to my grandparents. The story of me and my grandparents is a sad one and best told another time, and so I always try my best to pull myself together and go visit them once a year or whenever I am back in Lima, Peru. It took us a good afternoon before we arrived back at my house where I would get ready for the nights celebration.

You can probably guess that I didn’t chronicle this day too heavily, it was a personal day and I was having way too much fun at my birthday party to really take pictures or videos but here are a few;

On the weekends in Lima it’s hard to not find a party on any given corner.

The party went on until the first rays of sunlight hit the dusty Lima streets. Well actually it went on way after the sun went up, I can last remember looking at a clock that read 7am before I crashed. But that’s the thing about Peru, the people here love a good party and most clubs don’t close until the last patron has left.

Thursday March 20th

I remember waking up at around 3 in the afternoon and being greeted with another bottle of Cristal. Yes the party continued until about 5pm and a case of beer (12 large Cristal bottles) later I decided I was probably suffering of alcohol poisoning and retreated back to my house to crash. I slept from about 7pm until the following morning. It was probably for the best as the next day Maycol and I would be heading out of Lima to Ica and Huacachina to continue our trek.

I didn’t know it at the time but this would be the last entry I got to write about my backpacking adventures in Peru. In the coming days I would start to get more customers for Karikuy and eventually running the company would take all my time. About a year later I would start the Karikuy Volunteer Program which brought about whole new adventures with my volunteers that you can read about here.

After these entries I would go on to visit Ica, Huacachina, Nazca, Arequipa, Puno and Cusco. On the way I made several contacts and friendships that I maintain to this day. The experience opened my eyes as to what was necessary to run a successful tour company in Peru.

< March 18th, 2008 – Lima Ceviche

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Founder of Karikuy, an organization in Peru that brings travelers to visit and explore the country. Julio also runs the Karikuy Volunteer program and is the editor of this blog. Julio likes to write about his adventures in Peru as well as Peruvian folklore, mysteries and secluded locations.

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